Thursday, October 2, 2014

Skinology: Summer to Fall maintenance

Now I'm no skin specialist but I do know I am not the only one who struggles when seasons begin to change.

Just a bit of background on my skin, I am labelled under the oily-to-combination skin category. Personally, I am extremely oily in the summer time and depending on the fall/winter season I can be in between with dry spots so I really have to watch how my skin reacts on a regular basis.

Lately, my skin has been reacting to a few things; the mugginess in New York City really did a number on my skin, the up and down weather in Toronto has also made it confused and factors such as my smoking and stress level has caused my skin to react during this change in season.

If you sound like me, I have a secret to tell you guys and it only contains 4 products that have really changed the way my skin has been. All for the better of course!

1. Charcoal phyto powder in cleansing foam by The Face Shop: This is a deep cleansing face wash that contains charcoal for thorough cleansing which absorbs everything that get stuck in between your pores. This is what I used to wash all my make-up off after the day is done!

2. Tea Tree Water by LUSH: This toner has really changed the balance of my skin from day to night. It contains antibacterial tea tree, astringent grapefruit and balancing juniper berry to keep any skin disasters at bay! I use this at night after my face has been cleansed and in the morning before putting my primer on. The mist applicator makes it easy to apply and it really hydrates your face.

3. Cupcake fresh face mask by LUSH: If you're familiar with this face mask, not only does it smell good but it is specifically for oily skin! I can usually tell or feel when my skin is about to freak out so I use this mask right when I can sense it (itching and random red spots are also sure sign that my skin is unhappy). I apply a generous amount and leave it on for 15 minutes and i kid you not, my skin calms down for the rest of the month!

4. Chia Seed make-up remover by The Face Shop: This eye and lip make-up remover is so light and easy to use that it has been the only one that I have every tried that did not cause me to have a reaction of any sort. I usually apply 3-4 coats of mascara to give the illusion that I have eyelashes so image how hard it is to take eye make-up off! It's also water base so there's not much chemicals involved.

These 4 products have really transformed my skin care routine and it's definitely been keeping my skin happy during this summer/fall weather we've been having in Toronto.

What are some of your favorite products to use during this transition period? Leave a comment below!

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