Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April Faves

This is coming in quiet late (more like 7 days late) but it's a quick and short month for favourites, so let's begin!

MAC Face and Body Foundation: At the end of February my sister, mom and I went to the ever so popular Estee Lauder/MAC sale. I got a 4 fluid ounce of foundation in N5 for $20 - It has light to medium coverage but you definitely need to build it to cover any harsh blemishes or use it over top of your concealer. It's been great and lets my skin breathe.

- Caramel Iced Coffees from McDonalds: Ever since the dollar drinks came back I've been gravitating towards a Medium Caramel iced coffee for $1.05 it's been a saviour on days that I don't want to make my own coffee. With the weather getting better, I won't need hot coffee any longer!

- Bellini Cafe Candle: I'm so sad I burned through this scent, I love the light smell so much! You can't really go wrong with BBW 3-wick candles.

- Clinique repairwear intensive eye cream: During the winter I was struggling with crows feet on my eyes and dry splotches! This has been helping me with my tired, dry eyes! Highly recommended.

- Nivea Lip Butter Original: I stole this from my sister, working at a drug store has it's perks! Specially when it comes to cosmetics (or lip care).  This lip balm is extremely hydrating but Nivea has yet to disappoint me anyway.

- First Said Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: Holy grail of cream, enough said! Go to Sephora and buy it NOW!

- Bumble and Bumble Surfspray:I've lusted over this for so long and my good friend Melody gifted it to me during last Christmas annual Kris Kringle. When my hair is feeling a little limp and lifeless, a few sprits on my ends give it that grunge-texture of tossed hair that I love!

- Loyal by Chris Brown: I'm not sure why I love this song so much but if you haven't heard it yet, here's the video: click here

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Chat soon,