Monday, March 31, 2014

March Faves

It's monthly favourite times again, so let's get started!

- Hoola by Benefit Plush Lip gloss: If you ask anyone I work with, I've been continuously applying this on my lips every chance I get. There's something about this lip gloss that really keeps it's shine while moisturising your lips and keeping it feeling like silk! (10/10)

- Game of Thrones: I honestly couldn't get through the first season without falling asleep during some parts but WOW! I am hooked and waiting for Season 4 like the rest of you. I finished Season 1 to 3 in the span of 2 weeks. I can't believe I didn't watch/follow it sooner. (10/10)

- styLIZed by Liz Uy: Liz is a Filipino fashion stylist and social icon. When my mom was in the Philippines for vacation, I asked her to pick up this book for me and it has definitely given a few ideas on styling simple pieces in my closet. She share her 10 style essentials and puts a twist to each one. (9/10)

- Alder Vest by Roots Canada: This product was love at first sight! It comes in the military green colour which continues to be a wardrobe staple and it has amazing detail! You guys need to check this out for yourself, it does wonders to any plain outfit or you could wear it over a sleek leather coat for layer and the illusion of a leather sleeved spring jacket. (10/10)

-Voluminous False Fiber Lashes by L'Oreal: My cousin Mare gave this to me for Christmas along with other things that were essentials/faves and after giving it the longest trial run known to woman, I am definitely in love with it! It gives my truly non-existent lashes the boost they need  to be visible and full. I pair it with the Smashbox Extend-a-lash! (10/10)

- Simple Moisturising Facial Wash: I was gifted this face wash but you should all know by now, Simple products keep it like it is and does what it says it would! Safe to say, this has definitely been saving my skin this pro-longed Canadian winter season (8/10)

- Body Flow classes at GoodLife: I've been consistently going to the gym since mid January and the progress is slow but there! I've really been enjoying a particular class which is the Body Flow class at Goodlife. It's a mixture of Yoga and Pilates and has really transformed by balance and zen in life. A great way to stretch after a work out as well! (10/10)

- Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss: I have this gloss in the colour "Nude Candy" which gives my lips life! What I love about this is it's a nude pink tone with just enough shine to really accentuate your lips. I could get away with just using this without lip stick underneath and it's less than $3 (8/10)

- Pond's Dry Skin Cream: I've been using this as my first step when taking off my make-up. A lot of YouTube guru's use the Cold Cream with wipes so I decided to see if it would work on my skin, and guess what? IT DOES! It takes off majority of my make-up and doesn't dry me out, winning! (7/10)

- Make Up Forever Mist & Fix: When I forget to put on my primer or when I know I'll have a long day, this has come to my rescue. It keeps my make-up in tact and allows me to have that dewy finish every day without looking like a "cake face" (8/10)

What were some of your March favourites? Share them with me below! If you have any items that you think I should try, don't be afraid to share :)

Talk soon,

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Handbag Collection

If there's one thing all girls/women can agree on, it's the need and want we all have for handbags and purses. We can't escape it and it continues to fill up our closet space! If there's one thing I can always agree on, it's that I can't have too many purses. 

*Disclaimer* I am not bragging about my collection, I just wanted to share this with my readers.

I wanted to share my current handbag/purse collection with you guys so let's start off with my Roots Canada leather bag collection. The handbags I've purchased from this iconic Canadian brand have all been made in Canada with leather imported straight from the finest tanneries in Italy.

L to R: Olivia Bag in Prince Leather ($268) / Jr Raiders Satchel in Chocolate Brown ($198) / Village Bag in Rustler Leather ($158) / Edie Bag in Woven Africa Tribe ($88) / XS School Bag in Prince Leather ($198)

L to R: Small Longbeach in Prince with Gold hardware ($318) / French Tote with Prince and Melton from the Varsity collection ($188) / Lauren Bag in Lux Leather ($318) / Downtown Satchel in Oxblood ($288)

L to R: All the following bags are made of Roots infamous Tribe Leather - Kristina Bag in Woven ($268) / Side Saddle Bag (Satchel and Backpack in one) ($288) / Shlep Bag (no longer available) / Lg Grace Bag ($348)

The next few bags are a combination of Longchamp, 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target,  Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff and Louis Vuitton. The very first purse I bought over $400 was my speedy so it's definitely my most prized possession in this lot. 

L to R: Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha ($368) / Marc by Marc Jacobs Lizzie Embossed Cross body Bag ($200) / Rebecca Minkoff Desire Satchel ($275)

L to R: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Monogram ($790) / Longchamp Le Pliage Large tote ($175) / Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Tote ($145)

These 3.1 Philipp Lim x Target collection bags have some reasonable prices. They are not made of leather but are very durable. The 2 small ones on the left are $34.99 and the medium sized satchel was $54.99

What are some of your staple bags in your collection? Share with me below or tweet me at @karcapili using the hashtag #KARsaidWHAT

Talk soon,

Monday, March 3, 2014

What's in my work bag? Roots Large Grace in Africa Tribe

Happy March everyone! I feel like February passed right by me, but I guess that happens when your life is busy, right?

In October, I did a "What's in my purse?" post featuring my MBMJ Classic Q Natasha. This time around, I've decided to empty out my work bag and show you guys what's in it. I've been using my Large Grace Bag from Roots (Retail $348 CD) recently as my go-to work purse and I even featured it on my February Faves, so let's get started ....

L to R / Top to Bottom:

- iPad Mini: Games, books and entertainment all in one touch, probably one of my best investments and a work bag staple!

- Moleskin Agenda/Notebook: I carry this around with me on the daily basis, specially to work. I have a separate agenda for work and my personal life and I know, you can just input it in to your phone, but there's something about writing down what you're doing for the day that gives me great pleasure.

- Lou Lou Magazine (March 2014): I got this in the mail so I`ve been carrying it around with me. Working in fashion retail, you really need to stay abreast of trends and "what's hot or not".

- iPad and iPhone 5 charger: When you've got electronics, never leave your house without the charger! I've learned my lesson a few times prior.

- Sunglasses: my favourite RayBan aviators with gold hardware and black lenses. Staple bag essential and a classic.

- Roller ball perfume: This one is in Ralph Lauren Polo Pony Collection Women's # 4 it's been my signature scent all winter long and it keeps me smelling good after an 8-10 hour shift at work.

- Dune Electronic Cigarette: I've been sick so I can't smoke real cigarettes so this will do, it also doesn't take up much space.

- Work Keys: Essential for getting in to work and opening and closing the store!

- Headphones: I'm currently working 2 locations so this is essential when I am travelling on the subway or when I forget my gym headphones and I'm headed to the gym.

- Emergency Pouch: This Kate Spade pouch serves as a holder for all things I may or may not need! If you'd like me to do a "What's in my Emergency Kit" post, leave a comment below!

- Ricola Lozenges: Like I said, I've been sick so this has been chilling in my purse just in case my throat decides to act up again.

- Lip balm and Lipstick: My current lip balm has been from YSL and the lipstick is the matte lip pencils from NARS this one is in the colour Damsel.

- Wallet: My current love for this Zip around wallet by Kate Spade is eternal! It has a lot of space and with the Tiffany blue colour, it's easy to find it in my purse!

- Hand sanitizer and lotion: My go to pocket bac from bath and both work has been Red Ruby and my favourite hand lotion has got to be Hand Food by soap and glory. It has been keeping my hand hydrated specially during this frigid winter Toronto has been having!

- Pens: 3 may be excessive but I loose them all the time, plus you never know when you're going to need to sign something or jot down a note or two!

- Card Holder: This one is from Umbra and holds all my points and reward cards! Trust me, I have a ton.

What's some of your work bag essentials? Leave a comment below!

Talk soon,