Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Faves

I didn't mean to neglect the blog for the month of November, but working retail and going to a family vacation definitely took up my entire month. This is coming in a few days after December but here's a few favourites from the month of November, enjoy!

- Essence lash & brow gel: For $2.99 this clear brow gel does the trick! I usually buy the maybeline one but this one is giving me more bang for my buck. Keeps my brows tamed when they start to grow out. (10/10)
- Essence fine tip eyeliner marker: I have never tried a fine tip marker type of eyeliner and this one is fool proof! I love that I can do a wing tip effortlessly and it's really easy to use. The lasting power is alright, I've bought better. (8/10)
- Roots Cabin Socks: For 18.50 for a two pack, you can't go wrong with these winter staple. I must own it in a few different styles and colours! I packed 6 pairs during my trip to New Jersey at the end of November. They're a Canadian staple and not to mention, a perfect stocking stuffer. (10/10)
- Warm Vanilla Sugar candle from Bath and Body Works: In early November BBW had a candle sale 5 small candles for $25. I took the opportunity to buy myself some candles and some gifts. I have been obsessing over this candle for the entire months and beyond that I`ve burned through my candle already, thank God it`s a BBW original scent. (10/10)
- Soap & Glory 'Hand Food': This hand cream had great reviews and some of my favourite youtubers own it so I decided to give it a go. It had changed my hands and life! It doesn't leave a thick sticky residue and hydrates your hand for hours! Not to mention, it has a great clean scent. If you're ever at Sephora or Shoppers Drugmart, it's worth the $ (10/10)
- Nabob classic Cappuccino for Tassimo: I've been using my Tassimo since November and it's changed my coffee routine for the better. I've been obsessing over different refills & I particularly love this brand. I sprinkle a half a teaspoon of brown sugar and it's magical! (8/10)
- Evil eye bracelet from Target: A few months ago I grabbed a few sale jewellery pieces from Target during the Phillip Lim collaboration release. I stumbled across a few 'evil eye' pieces and grabbed 2 different pairs. I'm particularly obsessing over a piece that looks like the picture but in black. It's been part of my daily arm candy! (10/10)

What were some of your November favourites? Share them below!

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