Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's in my purse? MBMJ Classic Q Natasha

If there's one thing I love reading and watching, it's all the "what's in my purse" blog posts and YouTube videos that I've come across recently. I'm really intrigued about what girls/women bring with them on the daily basis because it differs, a lot!

I've decided to do my own featuring my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha. I love this classic cross body bag because it's roomy and the shape is (as per its name) classic. I've used it travelling since I bought it almost two years ago in NYC.

So, what's in my purse? Let's get started ...

1. Wallet: This one is new and I just picked it up at my local Winner's. It's a Rebecca Minkoff Passport Wallet. It's really slim but the only downside is that it's wide. I'll do a review when I have owned it for more than a month.
2. Cigarette Case: Yeah, I smoke and yes, I'm trying to quit every day. This is just a simple cigarette case in black pleather I got at the Dollarama. If I remember correctly it's about $1.25 plus tax. It's a great way to keep my cigarettes on the down-low, it is a bad habit!
3. A Lighter: A smokers best friend! I usually have two but it's no surprise that I've lost the other one. This one is sleek and electronic, again from the Dollarama for $1.00 plus tax. You can find them near the cash registers, I got this one in maroon.
4. Emergency Wristlet: This wristlet is from Roots Canada and it's packed with emergency items. It keeps my contacts eye-drops, a tube of Advil for surprise head-aches and migraines, a tampon (just in case), a eau de toilette spray that's a size of a pen and some hair-ties and bobby pins.
5. Sunglasses: These ones are the regular gold rimmed Ray Ban Aviators. No matter the season, I keep these close by because there's nothing worse than driving and the sun blinding you! Might as well drive with my eyes closed.
6. Card Holder: This one is the Umbra Bungee Cord Card Case and it holds my reward cards and my gift cards. I don't like mixing it in my wallet because it get too bulky so this is great to have. You could also use this as a wallet alternative if all you carry are cards.
7. Gum: I carry gum around once in awhile because sometimes, let's face it, you JUST NEED IT. This one's the Dentyne Ice in Peppermint. I have 5 pieces left.
8. Make-up Bag: This one is a miniature make-up bag and holds the following items: A press powder for oily skin, two kinds of lip balm, a nude lipstick and the lipstick I am wearing that day. I think every girl o-d's on lip products when it comes to being on-the-go. This pouch is from Kate Spade
9. Hand Lotion: This one is my ultimate favorite hand cream! It's the 250 ml Glysomed hand cream and it's fragrance free. I got this for Christmas two years ago, it came with the two big tubes (like the one in my purse) and a compact one (which I finished in like a week and a half). I love the lasting power and it keeps my hands hydrated specially because the weather is getting colder.
10. Phone: My phone isn't in the picture because I used it as a camera but I own an iPhone 5 in white with a "Hello Sunshine" floral case. It too belongs in my bag.

What's in your purse? or What should I add in mine? Leave a comment and let me know below!

Until next time,

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