Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Round Table: Social Media x Our Generation: Branding

There’s always been something about social media that gets people going- whether it’s a status update or a 140 character message about a sale at Holt Renfrew- it captures peoples attention. Everything we do, share and own are easily accessed by every digital touch point we have because they are all connected. Take my blog posts for example; when I publish a post I create a message for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and post an image on Instagram to really increase the exposure of what I wrote about. Here’s where people struggle, we often forget that everything we post (whether you delete it later or not) has been published and aired out into the world wide web – no matter what you do, you can’t truly erase it.

I was aware of the power of social media the very first time I created my Twitter account (not so much Facebook) and I was fortunate enough to work at a Marketing firm for a few months and really get my hands and mind dirty on how social media works for other companies as a marketing tool. It’s all about being the brands voice and reaching out to your primary target market. Social media is also about building connections and relationships through each platform. It’s about telling a story the way you want to without hurting your brand voice, which we as young adults always forget about.

Once you create a social media profile on any platform, you are beginning to create your brand and how you want to be seen.  When you are creating a message for a Facebook status update, it will automatically become your brand voice. You are your own brand and you are your own marketer when it comes to your online/social media presence and this is the way people are going to remember you and think about you, so before you post anything, THINK ABOUT IT!

Your social media brand begins and ends with you and with information so easily available to future investors and employers, be sure to really think about your image, brand and brand voice. Use these touch points to leverage your talents and interests, but be cautious and smart about what you are sharing.

It's all connected .....

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