Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Roots Holiday/Winter 2013 Trunk show

I've worked for Roots Canada for 6 years and this year they invited the management team from each of their GTA stores to a trunk show on Thursday, October 17th at the Roots Head Office. The atmosphere was great as each manager mingled with designers, buyers and each other. Definitely a breath of fresh air from just knowing each other through the phone. There was food, refreshment and a fashion show!

An exclusive look at products that are about to hit our shelves got my brain rolling on product placement and overall that rush of excitement for this new season to commence. Roots truly does excel during Fall/Winter! 

Having the chance to share feedback on products currently at our stores with  the designers and buyers was great! They really wanted to know how things were moving, more conversations like this could really help them understand the customer base that have been buying our products.

It was a great night filled with product knowledge and great company that I definitely shared with my staff!

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