Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Round Table: Social Media x Our Generation: Branding

There’s always been something about social media that gets people going- whether it’s a status update or a 140 character message about a sale at Holt Renfrew- it captures peoples attention. Everything we do, share and own are easily accessed by every digital touch point we have because they are all connected. Take my blog posts for example; when I publish a post I create a message for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and post an image on Instagram to really increase the exposure of what I wrote about. Here’s where people struggle, we often forget that everything we post (whether you delete it later or not) has been published and aired out into the world wide web – no matter what you do, you can’t truly erase it.

I was aware of the power of social media the very first time I created my Twitter account (not so much Facebook) and I was fortunate enough to work at a Marketing firm for a few months and really get my hands and mind dirty on how social media works for other companies as a marketing tool. It’s all about being the brands voice and reaching out to your primary target market. Social media is also about building connections and relationships through each platform. It’s about telling a story the way you want to without hurting your brand voice, which we as young adults always forget about.

Once you create a social media profile on any platform, you are beginning to create your brand and how you want to be seen.  When you are creating a message for a Facebook status update, it will automatically become your brand voice. You are your own brand and you are your own marketer when it comes to your online/social media presence and this is the way people are going to remember you and think about you, so before you post anything, THINK ABOUT IT!

Your social media brand begins and ends with you and with information so easily available to future investors and employers, be sure to really think about your image, brand and brand voice. Use these touch points to leverage your talents and interests, but be cautious and smart about what you are sharing.

It's all connected .....

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Roots Holiday/Winter 2013 Trunk show

I've worked for Roots Canada for 6 years and this year they invited the management team from each of their GTA stores to a trunk show on Thursday, October 17th at the Roots Head Office. The atmosphere was great as each manager mingled with designers, buyers and each other. Definitely a breath of fresh air from just knowing each other through the phone. There was food, refreshment and a fashion show!

An exclusive look at products that are about to hit our shelves got my brain rolling on product placement and overall that rush of excitement for this new season to commence. Roots truly does excel during Fall/Winter! 

Having the chance to share feedback on products currently at our stores with  the designers and buyers was great! They really wanted to know how things were moving, more conversations like this could really help them understand the customer base that have been buying our products.

It was a great night filled with product knowledge and great company that I definitely shared with my staff!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's in my purse? MBMJ Classic Q Natasha

If there's one thing I love reading and watching, it's all the "what's in my purse" blog posts and YouTube videos that I've come across recently. I'm really intrigued about what girls/women bring with them on the daily basis because it differs, a lot!

I've decided to do my own featuring my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha. I love this classic cross body bag because it's roomy and the shape is (as per its name) classic. I've used it travelling since I bought it almost two years ago in NYC.

So, what's in my purse? Let's get started ...

1. Wallet: This one is new and I just picked it up at my local Winner's. It's a Rebecca Minkoff Passport Wallet. It's really slim but the only downside is that it's wide. I'll do a review when I have owned it for more than a month.
2. Cigarette Case: Yeah, I smoke and yes, I'm trying to quit every day. This is just a simple cigarette case in black pleather I got at the Dollarama. If I remember correctly it's about $1.25 plus tax. It's a great way to keep my cigarettes on the down-low, it is a bad habit!
3. A Lighter: A smokers best friend! I usually have two but it's no surprise that I've lost the other one. This one is sleek and electronic, again from the Dollarama for $1.00 plus tax. You can find them near the cash registers, I got this one in maroon.
4. Emergency Wristlet: This wristlet is from Roots Canada and it's packed with emergency items. It keeps my contacts eye-drops, a tube of Advil for surprise head-aches and migraines, a tampon (just in case), a eau de toilette spray that's a size of a pen and some hair-ties and bobby pins.
5. Sunglasses: These ones are the regular gold rimmed Ray Ban Aviators. No matter the season, I keep these close by because there's nothing worse than driving and the sun blinding you! Might as well drive with my eyes closed.
6. Card Holder: This one is the Umbra Bungee Cord Card Case and it holds my reward cards and my gift cards. I don't like mixing it in my wallet because it get too bulky so this is great to have. You could also use this as a wallet alternative if all you carry are cards.
7. Gum: I carry gum around once in awhile because sometimes, let's face it, you JUST NEED IT. This one's the Dentyne Ice in Peppermint. I have 5 pieces left.
8. Make-up Bag: This one is a miniature make-up bag and holds the following items: A press powder for oily skin, two kinds of lip balm, a nude lipstick and the lipstick I am wearing that day. I think every girl o-d's on lip products when it comes to being on-the-go. This pouch is from Kate Spade
9. Hand Lotion: This one is my ultimate favorite hand cream! It's the 250 ml Glysomed hand cream and it's fragrance free. I got this for Christmas two years ago, it came with the two big tubes (like the one in my purse) and a compact one (which I finished in like a week and a half). I love the lasting power and it keeps my hands hydrated specially because the weather is getting colder.
10. Phone: My phone isn't in the picture because I used it as a camera but I own an iPhone 5 in white with a "Hello Sunshine" floral case. It too belongs in my bag.

What's in your purse? or What should I add in mine? Leave a comment and let me know below!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

September Faves

This is coming in a few days late, seeing as it's already October but better late than never. This is the first time I'm doing a 'monthly favourites' post but thought it'd be a good idea to get to know what I've been using, reading and buying the past month.

- Olay Fresh Effects: Contouring Face Cleansing System: I actually bought this during late July but wanted to give it a fair chance. I've been using it for more than 2 months now and love how clean it leaves my face. I bought it for $14.99 and it does the job (7/10)
- Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream (SPF 15): I bought this in August and I've never really used any facial creams before. I chose this because it's for sensitive skin and it the smell is light. I put it on after cleansing my face with a toner, just right before I apply my foundation and it has left my face really moisturized. It was also $9.99 at my local Walmart (6/10)
- Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume: I've owned this perfume since December of last year and I absolutely love the lasting power. Probably my only perfume that I don't have to continuously apply throughout the day. The smell is a bit powerful for some but I love the fruity smell (9/10)
- CSI Miami: I've totally been indulging in old seasons and episodes of this TV show, no matter how corny. When I work in the afternoon, I'd watch a few episodes while getting ready
- Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: It has sheer coverage and provides 8 skin benefits. It also minimizes the visibility of my pores. I've been using this BB cream for about a year now and during the year I've tried different ones but continue to go back to this one. It has 30 SPF which is great to use during the Summer season (9/10)
- Make-up Sponge: I got my "Beauty Blender" dupe from Winners for $6.99 and I've been using it to apply my foundation for two months now. I love the fact that it evenly distributes my foundation in one shot, it's small but powerful! (8/10)
- O.P.I James Bond Collection in Skyfall: Throughout the entire month of September (up until now) I've been going back and painting my nails this colour. It's just such a great wine red and love it to pieces! (10/10)
- Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender: I've been really into making smoothies for breakfast and this is perfect to take to work. It has a traveler's lid which is perfect to just blend & go! I've been trying out new recipes and it's been a great alternative to my regular peanut butter and banana sandwich combination. It was also $10 at Walmart (10/10)

What were some of your September favourites? Leave a comment below!

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