Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Pickering Flea Market

When I was younger (around 10 to 12), my family would always go to the Pickering Flea Market on week-ends just to eat after church or walk on a rainy Saturday afternoon. It's been such a staple in my life, but I haven't gone back for years now. So on a random Saturday afternoon, I took a trip to the old flea market.
I was excited to just walk down the aisles and check out the week-end market. You can find the coolest things there, whether if it's a one of a kind bracelet or just a cute little shop where everything is hand-made.
My favourite part of the flea market is the Roadshow Antiques South. You get to see a lot of vintage items, some as old at the early 1600's. I remember walking through each section and looking at the tags, the pink typewriter I took a picture of was from the 1970's. I was starring at this vintage gold Cartier lighter and I showed my dad (I forgot to take a picture), it was locked up in a case & it sparked a story about my Grandfather (my dad's father), whom I never met.
I always wondered how each item was used during which era and the story behind them. The craftsmanship put into the item`s during those days were ten times over how things are made now. It really is amazing how much work it took to make things back then.
I wore my Roots heritage kanga hoody in black pepper, my oxblood Roots purse, cut-off shorts from Garage and a pair of all black Nike RosheRun`s. I opted for comfort and relaxed, especially because the weather that day was a mixture between cold and hot (I live in Toronto, what did I really expect).
After walking through the flea market, I headed down to the mini food court and tried out this local spot called Taco Fusion. Basically you got to choose what you wanted on your tacos, burritos and nachos. I got the Nachos Supreme and it was SO GOOD!
Before I left, I also grabbed a dozen of my favourite Cannoli's. The same Italian lady has been serving and making them at the Flea market pre and post construction. She's this sweet lady with the raspiest voice (She might have smoked) and she bakes her goods gluten free and sugar free. You can tell all the desserts were made from love and scratch. If you're ever in the Pickering Flea Market, visit her - she's located at the food court, closest to the Fresh Produce market with a huge sign that says "NO GLUTEN, NO SUGAR!"
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