Sunday, August 18, 2013

Foodie Friday at Nomé

On Friday I hung out with two of my good friends, Mal and Ash. We went to a Japanese sashimi and tapas place on Yonge and Sheppard called Nomé Izakaya. The menu wasn't confusing (which is a plus for me) and it was easy to choose what we wanted, especially because Mal has been there before.

Their Friday special was $5 frozen cocktails which was a mix of a slushy with sake and rum. I tried their Mango Chili, which tasted like alcoholic bubble tea, yum!
What I forgot to mention- before I list the things we ordered, was that they serve complimentary oysters to everyone at the joint! That's a touch of customer service right there, I mean how many places do you know serve complimentary anything now a days? It was Ash and I's first time trying oysters and I enjoyed it, they served it with different vinegar's and it was just so fresh.
We ordered a few things (shown in the pictures), but I'll name all of them; spicy short ribs, yam fries, deep fried pork belly, slammin' salmon sashimi (seared), tuna tango sashimi (seared), calamari, unagi rissoto, japa-burger sliders, and 1/2 dozen of the fanny bay oysters. If you want to check out their menu, just click here.
Between the three of us, we were full and my taste buds were happy. It was different from just going to a regular Japanese A.Y.C.E restaurant and I really enjoyed the food! If you're looking to try Japanese food with a twist, I definitely recommend Nomé. By the way, they have daily special so check out their website!

P.S. all photo's (minus 2) were all taken by my friend Ash, thanks girl!

Talk soon!

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