Saturday, July 27, 2013

Yum! Foodie Friday

The title of this post says it all ``Foodie Friday!`` I felt like I ate everything I`ve wanted all week in a span of 8 hours. For lunch, a few of my co-workers & I grabbed some lunch at the Food Trucks at the Sony Centre. We all ordered some delicious greasy food from Hogtown Smoke & I must say, it was d-e-licious!
These pictures were taken by my friend/coworker Dorcas (silly me forgot my phone that day)
L to R: Line up for the Hogtown Smoke food truck / Pulled pork poutine *YUM*
After work I headed to Queens Park Station to meet a few of my good friends for dinner. We chose a spot called La Carnita. They served Mexican food & I indulged every little bit of it. I ordered the following: Tortilla chips with guacamole, Mexican Meatballs, In Cod We Trust Taco, Chorizo Taco & Churro's for dessert.

L to R: Tortilla chips with Guacamole & Mexican Meatballs for starters

L to R: Chorizo Taco's & In Cod We Trust Taco's
The place reminded me of local restaurants in L.A. and the setting was really chill, I definitely recommend it - you can taste the freshness of the ingredients! Over all the restaurant was a really great place to hang-out, have great food, talk, laugh & catch-up with your friends!
If you're in the Toronto area, check these places out!

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