Monday, June 10, 2013

Long Time No See

Good Monday Evening fellow bloggers!
It's been awhile since I've last posted - but it's been with good reason. I've been busy with changes in my career that causes a girl to loose a grip on her hobbies (only for a little while).

What's been going on?
1. I went on a small vacation to Montreal with a few of my close friends mid April.
2. I was promoted to a Toronto Core location at my previous job beginning of May
3. I was leaving the store I grew in (from Sales Associate to Assistant Manager) for 6 years.
4. I was going through an interview process with a career changer.

And now we're going to # 5....
Since May 21st, I have been employed at a Marketing & Communications firm in the heart of the financial district (King St.). It's been different & I have been learning non stop - which I love. My new job includes social media marketing & all things I love about the digital world! It's safe to say, I am extremely happy with this change.

Cheers to 2013 - the year of changes!