Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Splashes of Neon

Happy first day of spring to my fellow Torontonians! Today officially marks the first day of spring in Toronto and although the weather does not state otherwise I sure thought about all things SPRING all day.

My favourite trend at the moment is the hints of neon. It's sure to brighten up any outfit and it's a "must have" for this spring. Whether it's your nails, purse, cell phone skin, shoes or your whole ensemble you'll sure be on trend as the weather rises up.
Here's some tips and pointers on which colour to pair with what....

Neon Yellow - great to pair with light to medium greys and even lavenders. The tones of both the grey and lavender will create a nice back drop for the neon yellow as it mellows together.

Neon Orange - navy blue and light blue are the two hues’ that look great with neon orange. Although navy blue can look like black from a far, there's a fine line between pairing orange and black without looking to "Halloween". With the blue hues in either end of the spectrum the Neon orange will highlight the blue whether dark or light.

Neon Green - Lime or neon green will look great paired with a soft and neutral colour like camel or tan. *seen on picture above* when pairing neon green with tan's it makes the green look more sophisticated and cool instead of intense and bright. This would be the perfect colour to use when you need to freshen up a neutral outfit.

Neon Pink - This is probably my favourite of all the neons. The pink is great paired with chambray or denim. Nothing says spring/summer than great fitting denim jacket on top of a bright pink eyelet dress! This colour even looks great on a mani, pedi. I suggest light denim washes with the neon pink so it could stand out and cool down at the same time.

How are you going to pair your NEONS this spring?