Saturday, February 16, 2013

Neutral Hues for Spring

Last night I went for dinner with my friend T. We touched base on a lot of topics which then inspired me to create what is now an inspiration/style board. This board is compiled of a lot of things I will be wearing come early spring &a few trends I’ve seen here & there 

I know that spring comes with a pop of colour but let`s just consider this a basics, neutrals or even an early spring inspiration/style board. I even added cut outs of material and colours.

1. Whenever I think of spring I think of new crisp leather - I chose the sleekest of them all BLACK leather. Black leather sleeves are making appearances everywhere I go; I even own a few pieces such as a jacket & a hooded sweater with leather sleeves. It definitely adds a touch to any ensemble.

2. Isabel Marant hit a home run with these shoes - the wedged sneakers... I am in love with its versatility and ability to complete a relaxed look and let's face it girls! We deserve some "womanly" sneakers now and then. I can't wait to stomp around in mine come early spring!

3. Jersey Cotton Love - the soft drape feel of this cotton blend and it's light and airy! What more can a girl want? Dresses that come right below your knees made with the best material known to mankind! I don't know about you but I will be on a hunt for a few great pairs of basic jersey dresses this spring + jersey & leather look great together!

4. Olive green - let's face it! the love for the "military" look or style is not going to go away this spring...I mean olive green became the new black & then earned it's spot in the "neutral" category! Its simple - EVERY ONE MUST OWN SOMETHING IN THIS COLOUR!

5. Denim - It's time for those denim button-up shirts to make a comeback or even denim jackets! DENIM IN GENERAL! There is nothing like denim in the spring time to complete your look.

I can't wait to put all of these together this spring!