Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It's a beautiful fall afternoon and it dawned on me, I need to update my blog but not just with something random....
Lately, I've been seeing knits, sweaters and layering which only really meant one thing...the air is crisp, the breeze is cool and in Canada we love us some crisp clean Autumn air! So what better way to show my love for this weather than sharing my top 5 : Roots Canada fall favourites at the moment.

Top (L to R): Cabin Shawl ($98) & Dakota Sweater ($128)
 Bottom (L to R): Cover Up Cardi ($78), Roll Over Boots in Tribe Africa ($248) & Celeste Print Shawl ($64)
What I love most about the three cardigans/sweaters are they are so versatile - It's still early fall meaning some days you don't need a jacket and each one of these can transition into what i like to call "sweater coats". The Cabin Shawl, Dakota Sweater &Celeste Print Shall all have wool in them (but they are most definetly not itchy!) which can only mean one thing WARMTH! but if you want to opt out of wool the Cover Up Cardi is a great option (polyester, cotton & spandex). They are all great throw-on's & great winter transition pieces.
Those beautiful italian leather boots in Africa Tribe. I've owned them for about a year now and they are the best pair of boots to have in your shoe closet. The fact that you can wear them in more than 1 way screams VERSATILITY! & to top it all of they are made in Toronto, Canada!
Enoy your Canadian Fall with some of these Canadian Items!