Saturday, September 15, 2012

Twenty Three (with a $ tree)

*photo from google images
...not really with a money tree it's just lyrics from a song.

In two days I will be turning the tender age of 23. Family & Friends are asking me what I want but in reality ... there is nothing I want but relaxation and time to myself. In 10 days I will be travelling to the beautiful country of Mexico to the city of Riviera Maya where for 5 days I will be basking in what I hope is alot of sun and relaxation.

Being twenty-three makes me another year older, but I don't believe I am that much wiser. I just hope I don't dissapoint myself at this age!

I am thankful for a very supportive family, a great group of friends, still loving what I do and a full-time job to accomodate my spending habits. Here's to another year of life & thank you GOD for blessing me daily.



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