Saturday, September 15, 2012

Twenty Three (with a $ tree)

*photo from google images
...not really with a money tree it's just lyrics from a song.

In two days I will be turning the tender age of 23. Family & Friends are asking me what I want but in reality ... there is nothing I want but relaxation and time to myself. In 10 days I will be travelling to the beautiful country of Mexico to the city of Riviera Maya where for 5 days I will be basking in what I hope is alot of sun and relaxation.

Being twenty-three makes me another year older, but I don't believe I am that much wiser. I just hope I don't dissapoint myself at this age!

I am thankful for a very supportive family, a great group of friends, still loving what I do and a full-time job to accomodate my spending habits. Here's to another year of life & thank you GOD for blessing me daily.



Monday, September 10, 2012

Back To Basics

Here I go again back to my blogging roots ... I found myself thinking about different things to blog about for the past few months & it suddenly clicked to me why not re-introduce myself to the blogosphere in birth month, my favourite month & the month my favourite season starts!

I realized that when I was starting my fashion/trend blog that I was limiting my writing...I want to write about more things so this blog is not specific to just my love for style, fashion and trends but beyond it.

For a few weeks (almost a month) I didn't know what my first blog post should be; but it hit me! I want to be able to introduce myself and the feel my re-vamped blog will offer.

If you're new to this blog ... My name is Karla, basically a (almost) 23 year old self proclaimed blogger residing in Toronto. I used to blog about my life; past, present & future...then decided to blog about fashion and trends. My new blog "KARsaidWHAT" is basically my journey in finding myself and things that interest me.

Now, I will not promise blog posts weekly or bi-weekly but I am going to try my hardest to finally give blogging my all...Some posts will be from my mobile phone and spontaneous and sometimes things may not make sense but HEY! such is life - c'est la vie!

I look forward to getting to know you all!